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Get the full Meet Your Worry Angel Program as my gift to you to Support you to Improve-Your-Life!

I remember when I was first introduced to Florence’s work, I was BFFs with Worry. We were inseparable. I couldn’t do anything without my best buddy, Worry, tagging along.

My Worry Angel was definitely unemployed because I worried about everything!

I discovered we each have a Worry Angel while providing an angel reading with a client. To our surprise, my client’s Worry Angel came in and told her how unhappy he was that he was unemployed. Then he proceeded to explain in detail how she could use his services and get him out of the unemployment line.

After our reading, I used the directions my client’s Worry Angel gave her and met my own Worry Angel. He taught me how to recognize and manage sneaky worry energy and give it to him.

We were BOTH happy!

When you fill out the form, you’ll get the information you need to meet and fully employ your Worry Angel!

Note: we all live in human bodies in a very physical world of duality. The energy of worry will try to sneak into your life, but with these tools, you’ll recognize worry more quickly and know what to do to keep your Worry Angel employed and make your life easier!

Don’t waste another minute struggling with worry!

Fill out the form below to get immediate access to get all the details to meet and work with YOUR Worry Angel.

  • The full Meet Your Worry Angel program – all the nuts and bolts!
  • The guided journey (meditation only) to meet your Worry Angel