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Manifesting with Florence Membership

Do you struggle to implement Florence’s teachings consistently?

Is it a challenge to improve your life?

Does manifesting what you want seem to be juuuust out of your reach?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you’re in the right place!

You read Florence’s books because they make you feel good – remarkably good – the energy of her words empower you and expand your awareness to a new level of understanding.

As you read, you can feel the darkness parting and the way opening for hope, and dare I say… limitless possibility…

But connecting – really connecting – with like minded fellow students is challenging…

…and holding empowered energy on your own can be a struggle at best…

…and don’t get me started on the uncomfortable feeling of fear that sneaks in when you’re trying to improve your life…

…or  just when you think you’ve got a grip on manifesting you get blind sided by some form of adversity and all you want to do is throw up your hands and scream to the universe, “why is improving my life so @#$%& hard!?!?!”

When Florence was alive, you could have gone to one of her meetings where she would have “spoken the word” and “treated” for you.  She would have taught you how to take your manifesting power back and how to use it.

Unfortunately Florence won’t be presenting any LIVE events or Zoom calls that we can join (however, she does show up for Zoom calls in spirit sometimes).

I have the solution to these problems:

CONTENT – Deep Dive information into Florence’s 100 year old teachings to make Your – Life – EASIER

COMMUNITY => Safe, engaged space where questions are answered with Loving Support <= CONNECTION

CONVENIENCE and CLARITY – Step-by-Step Action Steps

The Manifesting with Florence …the Inner Circle Membership

No more winging it on your own

NEW Updated Format!!!

The Manifesting with Florence Membership

…the Inner Circle

In today’s fast paced world, we need support to consistently implement Florence’s 100 year old teachings into our 21st Century world.

The membership meets weekly for 4 weeks each month – if there is a 5th Wednesday we may meet that Wednesday, too – you’ll be kept informed through the membership website, Facebook group and by email.

Each call is based in Florence’s teachings – from “speaking the word/treatments” to diving deep into each chapter of her books.

Kate shares experiential action steps and guidance to support you to achieve and maintain that state of “poise” that Florence teaches.

4 LIVE/Virtual Support Calls per Month where we bring Florence’s 100 year old teachings into the 21st century together!

  • 1st – Treatment – “spoken word” treatments to manifest what you want
  • 2nd – Book Club Tutor/Coaching – in depth discussion on one chapter of Florence’s books – answering “why” and “how” questions to support you to fulfill your square of life
  • 3rd – FLOw call with KateDiscussion of implementing Florence’s teachings
  • 4th – Book Club Tutor/Coaching – in depth discussion on one chapter of Florence’s books – answering “why” and “how” questions to support you to fulfill your square of life

    NOTE – Calls are recorded

    Community – Loving support from Kate and fellow members on the LIVE calls plus how-to action-steps and tools to guide you to improve your life — consistently!

    This is a virtual community that’s structured

    to lovingly support you to understand Florence’s teachings at a deeper level

    and implement them into your 21st century world to not only improve your life,

    but fulfill your square of life by manifesting what you want.

    The Game of Life Manifesting Playbook

    Magical, powerful, journaling pages created specifically for YOU to guide and show you how to anchor and build the foundation for your new life – the life you love.  The playbook works in tandem with the membership:

    • Daily Journal pages – set a new empowered foundation for your life with powerful energetic action steps that supports you to consciously choose who you want to be and the life you want to live while improving your awareness to magnify the power within you!  As if by magic, you’ll see where you’re using your power and where you aren’t – and… you’ll have the support tools to set you free from energy blocks and improve your life!
    • Manifesting pages – anchor your manifesting energy with Gratitude and Intention Statement Gameboards
    • Gameboards – to keep you on track and show you the progress you’re making.  Plus you’ll discover where you need a helping hand of support – and now you have access to your personal manifesting tribe to get it!

    THREE ways to use the Playbook:

    1. Download the PDF of the playbook and use a spiral notebook to “journal”
    2. Download the PDF of the playbook, print it out and keep in a folder or spiral notebook
    3. Order your paperback version of the playbook from Amazon

    Note: PDF of the playbook is included in the membership, paperback is not.  (The paperback may be order from Amazon.)

    The Founding Members LOVE the membership!

    My family have implemented Florence’s teachings for years and manifested miraculous experiences.  I was excited to join the membership for community and to really embrace the magic of Flow’s energy to take her teachings to a new level of mastery. My hopes have been fulfilled and so much more!  Kate brings Florence’s timeless teachings into the 21st century with simple techniques and deep insight that are life-changing.  The journaling pages have supported me tremendously to focus and manage my energy.  Through my writings, falling asleep to Kate’s audio of The Game of Life and the treatments, plus being reminded to simply breathe deeply, a new perspective of living has opened for me and it feels really good!  I’m more relaxed than ever in today’s stressful world and feel fully equipped to manage my own power more ‘consistently’ no matter what’s going on around me.

    Since I joined the membership, I’ve done things I’ve never done before – I’ve felt more confident than ever – stronger  and happier within my own body!  From the first LIVE call with Kate and the other members, I felt welcomed and at home, like I truly belong.  I feel safe to ask for support, knowing I’ll get it.  I love Ima Miracle Magnet showing us how energy works.  It makes it easier to remember what to do when life hiccups.  When I can’t attend the LIVE calls, I feel the love coming through the recordings.  This is my happy, safe place to recharge my inner battery to make managing life’s chaos so much easier.  If I could change anything, it would be time, so I could participate LIVE more!  I’m so happy to be a founding member of the membership!

    I’ve been participating in Kate’s programs based on Florence’s teachings for years and always get exciting “aha” moments. So when this membership became available, I was excited to join. I love how Kate supports us to work with our angelic team and expand our awareness to work with our three levels of consciousness. The challenges of today’s world are more manageable with the deep dive tools and insight into the “why, how and what to do” that she shares with us. I’ve learned to follow “energy breadcrumbs” and am becoming a master at dissolving what no longer serves me. Kate’s programs with Florence support me to reconnect with the wisdom and “knowing” within me – loving support that opens the way to fulfill my happiest square of life!

    When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  So many synchronistic events led me to the membership and I’m so grateful!  I have questions and Kate provides a safe space for me to ask them – no matter what they are!   Life has challenged me and the loving support of the membership materials, fellow members and Kate have supported me to release worries and embrace my own power.  Through the membership I learned how to heal energy that’s blocked and hurt me for years.  Now I’m free of it and moving forward with my life with strength and stamina that’s always been there, but now I’m really feeling it!

    I love Florence’s books and how Kate brings them into the world we live in today.  I look forward to the weekly LIVE calls, the camaraderie and engagement. Each one dives deep into how energy works and Kate goes into detail on the action steps to manage it, many times referencing a program or meditation on the website to support us.  The Treatment calls are really powerful and open the way for healing and for manifesting!  I feel more grounded and really enjoy using the Game of Life Manifesting Playbook – it supports me to feel even more connected to my higher self and angelic team.

    This is your invitation to join the Manifesting with Florence Membership … the Inner Circle.

    Image of Kate LargeHi, I’m Kate.

    When I was introduced to Florence’s teachings in the early 90’s… Despair, worry, anxiety, and I had created our own breakfast club that turned into sleepless all night spirals of hopelessness with a kicker of powerless.  Struggling in survival mode was my lifestyle.  I was so far down that the only place to go was up.

    I was praying for help.

    Then I met a woman who went to her bookcase and asked her angels what could she give me that would help me?

    The Game of Life and How to Play It fell to the floor.

    I thought…  how the heck was a book going to help me?

    Then I started to read what Florence had written so long ago and I felt something stirring within me that I’d never felt before – it was empowerment!  My life changed that day – and I learned that when I held onto that empowerment when I read Florence’s books, my life was better.

    It took years to learn how that energy worked, how to manage it and how to teach others to recognize, manage and implement Florence’s teachings consistently.  But I did it.

    For the past three decades I’ve helped thousands of Florence’s students by teaching them simple step-by-step skills that brought her 100 year old teachings into the 21st century.  Through The Game of Life Workbook, The Game of Life Mastery Program, Masterminds and MasterClasses, I showed them how to implement this Very-Special-Set-of-Skills on a consistent basis.

    We loved our time together and the students improved their lives.

    The only problem was… the workbook, mastery program and masterminds had a completion date.

    The Manifesting with Florence Membership has no completion date – it’s ongoing!

    It’s a virtual community that’s structured to lovingly support you to understand Florence’s teachings at a deeper level and implement them into your 21st century world to not only improve your life, but fulfill your square of life by manifesting what you want.

    It’s a safe space to ask questions, discuss and learn how energy works.  You’ll experience LIVE results when you implement managing and focusing your energy to overcome pain of the past and use the power within you.

    The membership is not a class, but it is structured to teach you what you need to know to deftly flow through today’s world and manifest your happiest square of life.

    I would love to welcome you and support you to improve your life consistently!

    Plus… even more goodies!

    Also included within the website walls of our membership:

    ** The Game of Life and How to Play It audio book
    ** The Power of the Spoken Word audio book


    ** Quiet Your Mind
    ** Cleanse and Clear Fear from Your Safe Space
    ** Meet Florence
    ** and more…

    Masterclasses & Programs:

    ** Create Your Heaven on Earth
    ** Disconnect the Cords to Heal the Wounds of Your Heart
    ** Give the Gift of Forgiveness
    ** Master Relationships
    ** Meet Your Worry Angel
    ** and more…

    Two options to join the Manifesting with Florence Membership …the Inner Circle

    Monthly payments $37$24.95 Limited Special
    (30 days apart – recurring charge)

    Yearly payments $407$274.45 Limited Special
    ONE month Free! (recurring yearly charge)

    Unsure about joining?

    This is what a few of the Game of Life Mastery Program participants had to say about working with Kate:

    Prior to The Game of Life finding its way to me, I had worked for a few years with a spiritual counselor (1995-2001) which gave me a great foundation. I’ve been successful in my life in many regards however, I can see that I have placed limits on myself based on past upbringing and ingrained beliefs.

    In 2008 I enrolled in a 1 year mentor program with Bob Proctor. I developed a better understanding of how to “play the game of life” in just two months with The Game of Life Workbook than after one year in Bob’s program.

    I’ve read a lot and followed a lot of people and I’m not sure if anyone can explain the game of life, which we each play, as simplistically as Florence does. I think it’s impossible to use the word “Florence” and “complicated” in the same sentence.

    The Game of Life Mastery program has been a fantastic experience for me.  I believe I was lead to meet Kate, and when given the opportunity to study with her I didn’t think twice.  Kate took me from where I was in my spiritual journey before the program to a new level.  She put my spiritual growth on steroids, through her kind and caring explanations to her guided meditations, to move me closer to my spiritual and life goals.  I was skeptical anyone could teach me the steps I needed to rid myself of worry.  Yet Kate’s step-by-step guidance did wonders for me.  I met my personal “worry angel” (Simon) and handed over my worries to him.  Does this mean I’m worry free?  No, I just now know how to purge my worries quickly.  In addition, I’ve noticed a great diminishing of worries in my life since meeting my “worry angel.”

    Kate is not afraid to share her personal experiences, of her own spiritual journey, which creates a comfort in approaching her and asking the questions you might think are trivial; but you find are not.  Another aspect of this program that just blew me away was the amount of bonus material she shares with each participant.  You will find Kate is unselfish in pouring out her resources to support your spiritual journey and growth.

    Dominikija Prostak


    During a class module I was having trouble with my computer and couldn’t get on the call. When I read the transcript I was thrilled to discover that as I read it, the loving energy that I receive on the calls was also very strong when I read the transcript!  As a Lifetime Member, every time I experience the course, I get more out of it. I’m getting just what I need each time I participate.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Barbie C.P.


    I was desiring to go deeper in studying and applying metaphysical principles in my life, when I came across the Game of Life Mastery Program. I watched the introductory videos and used the gift meditations provided by Kate. I had such a shift from just the videos that I signed up for the program.

    Kate has taken the timeless teachings of Florence Scovel Shinn and added tools to support your study. I can feel the healing energy of love in Kate’s voice and her guided meditations are amazing. Although there is a lot of material, I did not feel overwhelmed as Kate encourages everyone to go at their own pace and listen for guidance. Taking the Game of Life Mastery Program was one of the best decisions I made this year. And I plan to take it again next year.

    Catherine Rose Stevens, Intuitive Consultant, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Coach


    Your teachings have blown me away.  I have  been on a spiritual path for so many years, most recently focusing on learning to work with my angels.  I have books, recordings, articles, paid readings and have learned a lot.  But I have never had so many strategies presented to me as you have done.  All of the meditations, processes, strategies, and guest speakers address different aspects of life.  The affirmation information took the concept to a whole new level.  All of the love and forgiveness activities are ones I am using.

    There is so much information that I still have not processed it all.  Your love and compassion comes through in each lesson.  Sharing your own difficulties was so helpful as I struggle and feel that I must be the only one that struggles.

    And to top it all off, I can do the program again as a lifetime member.  Often, online classes present a lot of information at a fast pace to take it all in.  It will be valuable for me to do the class again.

    I took the class because when I read Florence’s book, it blew me away.  I knew the concepts from my other work, but she had a way of expressing them so simply, but powerfully, that I couldn’t put her book down.  So when you offered the class, I knew I had to take it.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I got way, way more than I ever dreamed.

    God bless you.

    Mary Jo Cox


    Twenty years of intense personal development and growth have made significant positive changes in my life and yet, the Game of Life Mastery Program with Kate Large has helped me to reach a whole new level.

    While Florence Scovel Shinn’s teachings are simple, it can be a challenge implementing them consistently in our lives on our own, especially when we are facing trials and tribulations.

    Kate’s loving instruction, expansion of Florence’s teachings and support of everyone in the Game of Life Mastery community are phenomenal!

    If you’re looking for that elusive ‘something’ to finally help you create (and live) the life of your dreams, the Game of Life Mastery Program is for you!”

    Patti Smith, Money Mindset Coach


    As someone experiencing the Game of Life Mastery Program for the first time, I am already anticipating enrolling in the next available series….a wonderful advantage of the lifetime membership offered by Kate and her Mastery Team.  This amazing course is so rich with materials and concepts that I feel I am only skimming the surface of what is available to a seeker of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

    According to a Buddhist proverb:  “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  I believe this expression epitomizes my involvement with Kate.

    For most of my life, I have been searching for my true purpose and gathering the courage to fully embrace what the child within me already knew when I came into this world – I was born to be a poet.   A vocation of this nature is not readily endorsed by our Western society, so I often felt in my youth that I didn’t quite fit into the mainstream of life.  More significantly, however, I had a very well-intentioned father who simply wanted his children to have “real jobs”.  Therefore, I was strongly discouraged as a teenager from listening to my intuition and following my dreams. Consequently, I wandered through a variety of employment options, each one, in retrospect, being very valuable in the circuitous route of reclaiming my identity.

    However, in the process of trying to find fulfillment in a variety of “real jobs”, I suffered the alienation that comes from denying our spiritual essence.   Although the “writer” within me inevitably surfaced in one way or another, I never fully declared who I was until about ten years ago.  So I have many inner obstacles and resistances to overcome.

    During the past decade I have been working specifically on this very process and I feel that Kate’s program has come into my life at exactly the right moment.  It is very exciting to realize that each time I explore the insights of Florence Scovel Shinn, as expanded upon by Kate, I can look forward to an ever-increasing awareness of my divinely-ordained life plan.

    I eagerly anticipate each week’s class module and have been learning to use the tools recommended for re-writing our neural pathways, clearing blockages, and claiming “what is mine by divine right under grace for the greater good of all”.  Early in the program I met my “worry angels” and the procedure for calling upon them has been very liberating.  By attempting to live in the highest possible vibration of love energy, I know that I will become much more successful in attracting my vision of “heaven on earth”.

    Thanks to all the bonus gifts included with Kate’s program, I now have a “cleanse and clear meditation” that I include as an important part of my daily exercises.  Kate’s angelic voice and exquisite visualizations have added significantly to my non-medicinal treatment for high blood pressure.  A holistic approach to health has always seemed instinctively right to me. Therefore, I regard Kate as a powerful healer who brings a wealth of wisdom and skills to a world in great need of her superb mentoring.  I especially appreciate the fact that Kate quickly responds to all our questions and works so diligently to ensure that her program not only meets but exceeds our expectations.

    Another aspect of the program which has proven to be extremely supportive is the private Facebook community.  I went from no Facebook affiliation prior to this program to suddenly experiencing a community of like-minded individuals who are beacons of light, sharing warmth and loving illumination.

    Thank you, Kate, for bringing the brilliance of Florence Scovel Shinn to a new generation.  Thank you especially for interpreting her ideas with the radiance of your light and love.  And thank you for your belief in our ability to attract the abundance that is our birthright.

    Sharon Sinclair


    My a-ha moment was recognizing  the many different types of emotions under the umbrella of “fear”.  I was able to shift with the tools taught to the love energy quite quickly.  I could see the difference in my surroundings when I did this.  I feel different too — empowered – because I was able to recognize my fear and make a choice of HOW I want to feel, then shift it.

    I have taken many different  classes that were similar to this yet the energy of this class was different.  The teachings took me to a different level of being.  The teachings are simple yet profound.  I would highly recommend this class!  I am looking forward to being a Lifetime Member!

    Divine Blessings,

    Camille Pukay, Animal Communicator and Reiki Specialist


    I get the daily Soul Kisses and when Kate started using quotes from Florence Scovel Shinn, I checked her out on Google finding out this awesome progressive thinking woman was born September 24th … 1871!!!  And self published The Game of Life and How to Play It in 1925.  Amazing!  When Kate put out the email about Mastering the Game of Life, I was interested but needed some reassurance before spending the money … it was definitely not in my budget plans.    I justified not registering by telling myself I would read the book and sign up ‘next time’.

    On the last possible day of registration I was still really on the fence!  So I called on my angles.  I asked them to send me a penny from Heaven if I was meant to sign up.  And in case they needed an alternate option, they could show me some form of wings.  This way I would know without a doubt what to do.  I did see a couple of Harleys on the way home but knew in my heart that was not my sign for this.  After a stop at my Chiropractor I decided to stop looking and go get a haircut.  As I crossed the street on the way to my car I happened to notice a glint on the pavement.  Yep you guessed it, a brand new 2014 penny, face up giving me my nod to signup!

    Well the program has been more than I could have imagined!  Kate is truly interested in participants succeeding.  The calls are recorded.  Within 24 hours we had copies of the call and transcripts, meditations and other supporting materials.  I have never had transcripts of any study course.  For me, being able to listen to the calls again later allowed me to be fully in the moment during the live calls.  The transcripts allowed me to make easy accurate notes of things important to me.  Hearing, reading and writing help me fully integrate what I’m learning.   My workbook is not pristine but filled with colorful highlighting.

    Over the last several weeks I have pealed off a few more layers of my personal onion and ‘got it’ on a deeper level that all life’s lessons are important.  What I don’t learn to navigate now will be patiently waiting for me at some future moment.   Thanks Florence!  Thanks Kate, for the life time study option.  I have already signed up for the next session.  Here’s to Mastering the Game of Life with a smile :o)

    Heather B.


    I want to preface this by saying have engaged in spiritual seeking for over 20 years. I have read and tried to apply what I learned from numerous books such as “A Course In Miracles” and almost every book by Marianne Williamson, ” Angelspeake”, “The Secret”, “Conversations With God”, many books by Dr. Wayne Dyer like “The Power of Intention” and every book by Gary Zukav relating to “The Seat of the Soul”. I also tried Gary Zukav’s online Emotional Awareness course, all with limited and short lived success.  I also tried the program “The Solution” by Laurel Mellin and read her book “Wired for Joy” and even had a one on one session with her.

    So, I have tried and failed countless times. But, I did not give up and kept seeking.  In August of this year during a dark and depressed period of my life, I meditated and prayed and pleaded for guidance and help from God and the angels, day after day. Then I saw an email in my inbox from Kate about the Game of Life Mastery program. It was  for the second video, which I watched and immediately watched the first one as well.

    As soon as registration opened I signed up.

    I was, and continue to be amazed at how quickly things changed, the powerful breakthroughs I have experienced and the changes in me since starting the program.

    All the things I tried before had good information and advice, but not much clear direction on how to implement it. Such as rewriting neural pathways, or “The Secret” saying you needed to be positive so think of something happy like a cute puppy and to try to convince yourself you already have what you want. But, when you are sitting in your crappy car and it won’t start it is not easy to convince yourself you have that nice brand new vehicle.

    Kate and The Game of Life Mastery program have truly changed my life. Many spiritual books say raise your energy to higher vibration, but do not tell you how to do that. Kate gives you an abundance of tools to accomplish this.  She also provides clear guidance on how to work with your Angels for guidance and support.

    The private Facebook page is also a tremendous support.  Not only will others respond and support you, but Kate herself regularly responds, answers questions and gives you inspiration and warm, loving support.

    What is the difference between The Game of Life Mastery Program and all the others I have tried? For me the most important difference has been Kate herself. I cannot emphasize enough how instrumental her warm, caring support is to succeeding at this program. I feel truly blessed to have found her and this program.

    Also, I absolutely love the fact that she incorporates talking to your angels, and a focus on God as the creator of all that is, with the law of attraction principles. Everything she teaches such as rewriting neural pathways, talking to your angels and raising your energy to a higher level, I have read about and tried before, but until now could not do it.

    I have made more progress since I started this program then in the previous more than 20 years of effort combined.  Kate is an inspirational, motivational and effective teacher and leader of this wonderful program. If you are open and receptive, this program will change your life!

    Kate thank you again for everything, and for your caring and support.  You are truly and amazing person!

    Amy Goguen


    I first came across the writings of Florence Scovel Shinn when a friend gave me the book “The Magic Path of Intuition” as a Christmas present in 2013.  I started to read it straight away and couldn’t put it down .. I must have read it over and over on so many occasions .. I couldn’t get enough of it.

    I then researched online to see what other books Florence had written and came across the four-in-one book and it was ordered straight away by another friend of mine, who bought the book as a gift as I had re-introduced her to Florence’s work and she also started putting things into action.

    I further researched and came across Kate Large’s Workbook on The Game of Life and How to Play It and ordered it straight away .. couldn’t wait for it to arrive.  When it did, I started using the Workbook immediately and noticed lots of shifts of energy and just felt like I finally found the right tools for me to create the life I wanted to have.

    I had a couple of questions that I wanted answered and not knowing Kate (yet), I found an email address in the book and wondered if it would still be in existence .. so I sent an email with my questions, and to my very great and wonderful surprise, I received a reply from Kate herself, not only answering my questions, but also advising that if I had any other questions, please feel free to email her again .. I couldn’t help but think what a nice person to offer that.

    Kate very kindly sent me information about her Soul Kisses website and kindly gave me a complimentary invitation to attend her 5 day Mini Vacation with the Angels meditation she was running .. signed up for these and loved the meditations .. I noticed on Kate’s website she was intending to run a Mastery Program on the Game of Life and so I signed up for it and couldn’t wait for it to start.  As I had been having such a shift in my energy and have been letting go of so many judgments, old non-serving habits, thought patterns etc and found myself in a much better place, so I invited a couple of my friends to also participate in Kate’s Mastery Program and the three of us loved it and experienced so many wonderful aha moments ..

    I am attracting in so many wonderful moments/opportunities and helping so many other friends with all that I have learned this year, I have been truly amazed with my progress.  I know I am doing a lot of work on myself, however without Kate’s guidance and love in my journey,  I believe I wouldn’t have progressed anywhere near as quickly as I have, nor appreciated or acknowledged my progress.  Kate has supported me and is so accessible it is wonderful.  I have done lots of programs with others, but never has the Facilitator been so accessible as Kate .. to me this shows she is true to her word and really wants to help spread the message about Florence’s work.

    In the Mastery Program, Kate has given us bonus sessions, we have had recordings and transcripts from the calls available within 24 hours, she has given away so many bonus gifts, introduced us to Mastery Experts and her generosity just keeps giving .. it is amazing!

    If you are thinking about doing the Mastery Program, or perhaps having an Angel Reading with Kate, or doing any of her other programs, I would absolutely encourage you to go ahead and sign up!  I’m so blessed I did and will be doing the Program again in the future .. I am shifting my energy and am creating in my life what I want to create .. I’m not where I want to be just yet, but I am so much closer to it than ever before and know it is about consistently moving forward, believing in myself, allowing my Angels to work with and for me .. it is a really exciting journey for sure!

    Kate, thank you so much for your love, support and belief in me and for holding the energy for me to be who I came here to be, to create what I want to create and have everything I want .. I’m so appreciative and thankful and so excited about the journey forward.

    Bless you Kate,

    Pam F. (Australia)


    Even though I’ve done so much of my own healing, The Game of Life Mastery Program illuminated areas and beliefs I’d kept well hidden.  With each successive lesson, I dug increasingly deeper with the aid tools provided and the warm, encouraging support of Kate and my classmates.  Each lesson allowed me to uncover something whether on my own or by hearing and being triggered by other students.  I was amazed at how much more healing I needed and was THRILLED to do so right then & there!

    This program helped me to shift out of old patterning, beliefs, attitudes, and habits that have been blocking me from living a full life.  Sometimes the biggest hurdle is identifying the block or the false belief you’ve been carrying around deep, deep within!  The gentle and loving acceptance of Kate and the other members of the class on the FB community and the use of provided tools allowed me to take risks in feeling through my old wounds and defenses to fully release that old emotional energy.  I feel much lighter with increased feelings of peace and calm.

    It’s not ‘magic’ as you need to do the work and excavate your interior landscape but you learn to believe in yourself and own the power of your positive beliefs… in yourself and in the world/universe to support & provide for you.  I have seen and experienced firsthand the power of my beliefs and the universe joining and creating synchronicities and events occurring for my highest good.

    I love the book, The Game of Life and How to Play It by Frances Scovel Shinn, and the pure simplicity of it.  Then, to have the benefit of delving in deeper to each lesson weekly with Kate was such a bonus.  This book and this course are really timeless and I have found myself returning to both the book and lesson & tools again & again as other events arise in life AND finding solutions and further insights I didn’t see the first time through the material.  It truly is masterful at teaching me to ‘retrain my brain’ out of a fear & scarcity mindset to that of trust & abundance!

    I highly recommend this course as it is life changing…from the inside out!

    Dawn Pinke Anderson, Minnesota