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Welcome, welcome, welcome!  I’m so excited you’re here!  Thank you for purchasing your life changing playbook!

EVERYTHING about the playbook is strategically designed to support you to manifest your happiest, most prosperous Square of Life!

I included over twenty years of working with Florence’s students – the questions they asked, what they needed help with and what really supported them the most to improve their lives.  Even the cover itself consists of a galactic image of your Field of Potentiality, the name of the title’s font is:  It is Definitely Possible and I’ve infused each page with Reiki, Rahanni and Eir Healing energy.  Just how powerful is that!?!

I’ve included detailed information as to why and how the gameboards and daily journey pages will support you.  I’ve also included examples.  Remember, these are merely examples, you write what you’re guided to write in your playbook.  If you have questions, reach out through the FB group(s) or email me at

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When we don’t feel safe, no amount of positive affirmations or thinking will change our situation.  This meditation gently guides you to claim your safe space and return to your physical space empowered, peaceful, centered and balanced.

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My work with Florence has a little twist – I include how to work in tandem with your angelic team AND Florence’s spiritual energy.  Don’t think you can communicate with your angels?  I struggled with my communication, but with their help, I learned why we struggle as humans and what to do to overcome those struggles!  This recording of a LIVE webinar will support you with skills to receive and understand the messages of your angelic team.

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Did you know you have a Worry Angel?  There’s nothing sadder than an unemployed Worry Angel!  I’ve included the full Meet Your Worry Angel program as well as the edited guided meditation to Meet Your Worry Angel.

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The Chaos Flush Energy System works magically to flush away fear energy – any energy of the vibration that’s less than love.  For example:  anger, frustration, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, worry — anything less than love.  The more upset you are, the more powerfully you feel the energy leaving your body.

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How to make the MOST of the LIFE CHANGING Game of Life Manifesting Playbook Journal Pages

These worksheet pages take journaling to a new level of growth and expansion of your awareness – like journaling on steroids that will take your Manifesting Power to a level of MASTERY!

Every page was specifically designed to support you to cut years off of struggling on your own so you can begin living your happiest, most magnificent life today.

Scroll down and let’s get started!

The Game of Life Journey Stages

Stage 1 – Praying for Help  You’ve been praying for help and you were introduced to Florence’s books!  You can feel an amazing energy within you – it’s empowerment!  Life feels different, hope and possibility have become real. Fully engaging with the gameboards and journaling pages of your playbook will support you to create a new life from this feeling and open the way to sustain it.

Stage 2 – Blessings with a dose of Adversity  Whew! Blessings abound left and right, but next thing you know… ZINGED! by adversity!  What the heck?  Now what?  It feels like the universe is dumping on your Florence empowerment parade, but the truth is…  The universe is showing you how much you’re loved by revealing the energy that’s been blocking you! Writing in your playbook daily will show you energy that’s been hidden and support you to be free!

Stage 3 – Distracted by Life’s Challenges  Florence’s teachings are miraculous, but life challenges can drag us kicking and screaming back to the Pre-Florence era where surviving consumed our days. Engaging daily with your playbook will minimize “survival” days by supporting you to maintain and manage your focus of the power within you.

Stage 4 – Florence’s magic returns!  When we allow “survival mode” to take over, Florence’s books are gathering dust.  The moment you open to a page, immediately, like cellular memory, you remember how they made you feel like a super hero in the story of you life.  Your playbook takes you to a new level of understanding and mastery…  the magic is back and it’s stronger!  

Stage 5 – Daily empowered lifestyle IS possible!  You’ve embraced Florence’s teachings.  You’ve overcome challenges.  However… the chaos of this world continues to challenge your empowered lifestyle and sometimes it all feels like its just-too-much.  Daily engagement with your playbook puts your conscious thoughts in charge of manifesting your life.

If you need help managing your Game of Life Journey Stages, we would love to welcome you to the Manifesting with Florence …the Inner Circle Membership!  Click here to learn more – if the membership doors are closed, use the form to get on the mailing list to be notified when doors re-open.

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Commitments to Myself List

I’m willing to overcome:
• Negative programing, thoughts, beliefs, worry and drama.
• My fear of the unknown and my need to know “how” the universe will provide for me.

I’m willing to:
• Believe I AM worthy, deserving, lovable, good enough and… love myself.
• Forgive what I’ve held in unforgiveness.
• Take the action steps necessary to be free from energy blocks.
• Consciously choose to be happy and manifest my happy life.
• Accept my life as it is in this moment without judgment.
• Accept that I have the power to improve my life and USE it.

I accept it is SAFE to be me and I commit to asking for help when I need it.

I _____________ , anchor these intentions. I prepare to receive all that is mine by Divine Right, under grace, in a miraculous way now and forevermore.

___Be sure to Sign & Date_______

If you need help with your Commitment to Myself Gameboard, we would love to welcome you to the Manifesting with Florence …the Inner Circle Membership!  Click here to learn more.

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My Facebook Discussion Gameboard

This page provides a place for you to document and explore discussions from the Florence Scovel Shinn Facebook community.

Many times when we read through and engage with a discussion, an “Aha” moment will be revealed that changes everything.  Now you have a place to document that experience and take it farther by exploring it.

When you use this page to write about your experience you’ll be supported to process through hidden energy or beliefs that’ve been holding you back.

I encourage you to write about the support tools discussed and your experience with implementing them here.

Then when hidden energy is revealed to you in the future, you can refer to these pages for guidance on the action steps you took and why.

Again, be sure to sign the page to support you to REMEMBER to recognize challenges for the golden opportunity that they are and use the support tools in your arsenal.

If you need help with your Facebook Discussion Gameboard, we would love to welcome you to the Manifesting with Florence …the Inner Circle Membership!  Click here to learn more.

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Gratitude Manifesting Gameboard

This gameboard supports you to reverse engineer your manifestation – this is called “Scripting.”  Write a Thank You letter to Infinite Spirit that includes how receiving what you want has improved your life.  Be as descriptive as possible.

EXAMPLE:  Dearest Infinite Spirit, I thank you in deepest gratitude for my perfect home!  It is in a lovely, safe neighborhood, close to all the shopping that I frequent – just perfect for me.  I love waking up in my large bedroom, inhaling the fresh morning breeze as it wafts through the open window – and the 5 piece bath is perfect – especially the claw tub and rainforest shower!  Cooking in my gourmet kitchen is a dream come true!  The island is a special place to prep for cooking.  Meals are always yummy and the pantry is perfect.  The birds provide a true operatic experience while I eat breakfast and admire the mountain view.  My office is just the right size to support me to fulfill the safe, healing space for my clients and students – I LOVE working in there so much its as if I’m playing!  Now I can provide my services when and how I want without interruption!  Every room is perfect for my needs and feels warm and welcoming – My New Home!  Storage is more than adequate, rainbows of light play on the walls and floors while each room supports my dreams, goals and happiness.  I love that there is room to entertain — and my friends feel welcome in my guest room and love to visit.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for how miraculously I came to move into my beautiful, spacious, angelic home that fulfills all my needs – even the ones I didn’t know I had!!!

As you can see, this can go into a LOT more detail.  The more detailed you are, the more fun you’ll have reading this – Every Day!

If you need help with your Gratitude Manifesting Gameboard, we would love to welcome you to the Manifesting with Florence …the Inner Circle Membership!  Click here to learn more.

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Monthly Progress Gameboard

Fill in the new monthly Commitment to Myself Gameboard and mark this as complete.

Then follow the trail to the next section to report on your daily journaling progress.  If you’ve been journaling daily both am and pm – woo hoo!  Way to GO – circle that daily journaling!  But if you’ve only squeezed in a few days per week, not to worry, circle what represents what you’ve had time for.  If you haven’t journaled at all – please… circle that commitment to put yourself first next month!

Daily journaling isn’t about beating yourself up if you don’t do it, however, you’re the one who suffers if you don’t.  When you make time for it every day, you’ll discover your power will be easier to manage, focus and maintain to support your life being easier, happier and more prosperous.  Your empowerment from deep within grows exponentially when you write on the journal pages.

Next follow the trail to the next section: “I completed my weekly progress gameboards.”  If you’ve been filling these pages out at the end of each week, you’ve had a front row seat to seeing your progress each week by documenting your “Aha” moments and using your power.  Mark this off if you’ve completed them throughout the month.

This section can only be completed if you’re a member of The Manifesting with Florence …the Inner Circle Membership.

Next on the gameboard is participating in the membership’s private Facebook discussions. I invite you to post your questions and join in the discussion of other posts. A topic may have been explored in depth that answers a question you didn’t even know you had! If you’ve been participating this month, High-Five!  But if you’ve been busy… it’s not too late! Click in and check out what’s happening and mark it off as complete!

Then move on to the last section – did you ask for help from your angelic team, fellow members or me?  Did you know that the biggest complaint of our angels is that we don’t ask for help enough?  They can and WILL help you with EVERYTHING – and I do mean everything! If you wrote in Section 6 of the Upon Waking journal page, or you kept your Worry Angel employed, Check this OFF!

Then of course, proudly sign and date this gameboard!

If there is a section of the Gameboard you didn’t engage with, be sure to schedule time next month to put yourself first.

If you wish to participate in the LIVE membership calls, we would love to welcome you to the Manifesting with Florence …the Inner Circle Membership!  Click here to learn more.

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Daily Journal Pages

Section 1 – I give thanks for this _____ day!

Powerfully set the intention for your day.

EXAMPLE:  I give thanks for this productive, prosperous, perfect, happy day!

Section 2 – I accept “what my life IS” in this moment.

Stop the internal battle within you – that disagreement energy of “I don’t like what I have, and I want something different.”

When you write in the space, “I accept what my life is in this moment” – without judgment, you anchor the acceptance, and that internal battle stops.  Acceptance doesn’t mean you’re in agreement with a life you don’t like and want to improve.  Acceptance is a return to neutrality where you can manage your power to create a higher outcome.

If your life is awesome, acceptance of “what IS” also supports a life you love – acceptance of how wonderful your life is, anchors the gratitude you hold and opens the way to attract more to love!

EXAMPLES for accepting what life IS in this moment

NOTE – this can stand alone

I accept “what my life IS” in this moment –

  • ~ Limitless Possibility!
  • now I’m ready to overcome challenges and obstacles
  • now I’m ready and willing to improve my life – I AM Powerful!
Section 3 – I accept and use my power to

When you write, “I accept and use my power to” your brain starts figuring out what you want to use your power for. This is a safe space to dream big – and remember, you have those dreams because they’re in your Field of Potentiality!  You’re making a clear connection between your conscious and superconscious.  This may take some practice.  Sometimes it feels weird to dream for yourself because you haven’t done it in so long.

EXAMPLES for accepting your power and using it

I accept and use my power to:

  • manifest what I want! I want ___
  • manifest my happy, prosperous life!
  • BE FREE!
  • improve my life – I can use it anytime I choose – I choose today!
  • BE Limitless! I can BE, Do and Have anything I want!
  • improve my life – I AM Powerful – I consciously choose to use my power to improve my life. The winds of life no longer blow me – I blow the winds of life. I MAKE THE RULES.
  • create Every-Thing I want to Be, Do and Have! WooHoo!
  • I accept my power – I embrace it and use it to manifest the dreams of my heart and fulfill my square of life – living my happy, prosperous, stress-free, worry-free life!
Section 4 – I consciously choose to BE Love Energy – and attract like a magnet, experiences of Love Energy.

Engage your ability to consciously choose the energy you wish to vibrate in – THIS is exciting!  When you write:  “Today I consciously choose to BE Love Energy – and attract like a magnet, experiences of Love Energy” you tell the universe in no uncertain terms the energy you ARE and the experiences you’re creating!  Reword this and add to it as you feel guided.  This is ALSO a great place to anchor infusing your day/life with LOVE Energy!

EXAMPLES for choosing to BE love energy

Note: this can stand alone

I consciously choose to BE Love Energy.  I infuse my day and my life with LOVE.  I attract like a magnet, experiences of Love Energy –

  • breathing deeply – standing strong with strength and stamina
  • I breathe into Being Love energy – feeling happy & grateful – manifesting MORE to be grateful for!
  • I am a Miraculous Love Magnet – all things LOVE stick to me – fear and negativity repel!

Take the few moments necessary to consciously focus infusing your day and your life with love energy!  It is SO Worth It!!!

Section 5 – Infinite Spirit, open the way and “show me” the action steps to manifest

What do you want to manifest today?  Remember… you – are – limitless!  What do you want the experience of your day to be?  Write it here.  FEEL the energy of being, doing, and having your perfect day.

Section 6 – I feel the energy of manifestation complete – I consciously direct my Subconscious Power to manifest this or better.

POWERFULLY set your manifesting wheels into motion by giving your Subconscious Power direction!  As you write this, embrace the feeling of being, doing or having what you wish to manifest – this or better!

Section 7 – Dearest Angels, please

This section employs the magical power of your angelic team.  The number one complaint of our angels is that we don’t ask for help enough.  And remember… you can ask them for help with anything – nothing is too big, and nothing is too small!

EXAMPLES for working with your Angels

Dearest Angels, please

  • support me to stay the course of love focus – to be productive.
  • draw to me experiences of laughter to lift my vibration and shore up my immune system!
  • open the way for clarity of thought, supporting me to make the best decisions of my highest good
  • surround me with a protective diamond steel forcefield shield filled with strength, stamina, and healing love energy – a shield that deflects negativity and viruses.
Section 8 – It is SAFE to BE Me and I Breathe Deeply today!

When you write “It is SAFE to BE Me.” you claim the state of BEing safe! Be AWARE of how you feel when you write this – you may not feel safe and don’t even know it.

When you write “I Breathe Deeply today!” you anchor what you’re going to do – which in turn, supports you to remember to breathe deeply!

Section 9 – I will remember to use my Chaos Flush energy system if I need it!

This last section reminds you to use your Chaos Flush energy system when you need it to flush out less than love energy when it happens – instead of struggling with it the rest of the day  You may write it out or simply check as complete for the day.  (Go to the Chaos Flush energy attunement section to learn how to get yours.)

And be SURE to sign and date your writings to create the contract between you and the universe!

If you need help with your Daily Journal pages, we would love to welcome you to the Manifesting with Florence …the Inner Circle Membership!  Click here to learn more.

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Section 1 – THREE things I’m grateful for today

Writing down at least three things you’re grateful for today, opens the way to immerse yourself in gratitude.  When you consciously focus on what you’re grateful for, any less than love energy that may be hiding out in your subconscious – or even in your conscious may reveal itself.  Once you realize it’s there, you can use your tools to transform it to the higher vibration of love before going to sleep.

Section 2 – I took deep breaths today & I commit to breathing deeply tomorrow

This section celebrates that you were breathing deeply today – and if you weren’t… no judgement, but now you’re aware!  Just be sure to commit to breathing deeply more consistently tomorrow – the action step of writing your Deep Breathing commitment for tomorrow drops that BREATHE DEEPLY thought into the subconscious right before sleep time!

Section 3 – Today when I implemented my power, I used these support tools, took these action steps, and my results were:

Celebrate using your power! No matter whether you’ve had an awful day or a fabulous day, you used your power.  This section supports you to look at your day and see where you used your power and the action steps you took.  Maybe you manifested something wonderful, maybe you transformed worry energy to love, perhaps you were blindsided by some form of adversity and you overcame it using your support tools – write about it here.

If you feel you didn’t use your power because the day went sideways, this section is even more valuable to show you how you can implement your power right NOW.  Its never too late to process through negative/less than love energy so you can be free of it.  Note:  Using or not using your power is a choice – albeit may be a subconscious choice to not use your power, it’s still a choice.  This section supports you to remember to make conscious decisions instead of defaulting to the subconscious where life pushes you around!

As you write about your experience, more and more will be revealed to you to support you to focus and manage your power today – and… next time.

Because there’s always a next time.  We live in human bodies and no matter how enlightened we are, or how much we’ve ascended our energy, there’s always going to be a next time when negative, less than loving energies challenge us.  But when we’ve mastered seeing through challenges to the golden opportunities that they are – that they’re really an opportunity to create a higher outcome – THAT’s Mastery!

The more you write in this section right here, the more you’ll be aware of and remember to use your power during your day – making the highest possible outcome inevitable.  This section is structured to guide you to ultimately master, manage and focus your own internal energy to create and live your version of heaven on earth.

EXAMPLES for how you worked with your power

Today when I implemented my power, I used these support tools, took these action steps, and my results were:

  • The hiccups of today did NOT move me! I released the need to feel overwhelmed by activating my Chaos Flush, and following the breadcrumbs of the energy that triggered me.  I discovered ______
  • Whew, what a day – I see now that if I had implemented my Chaos Flush, I would have been able to grasp, manage and focus my energy for a higher outcome today. I just activated my Chaos Flush and flushed out all the yuckies of the day.  I’m embracing gratitude and feel fabulous!  I’ll remember next time!
  • My day flowed with love energy – I was a miraculous love energy magnet! How cool is that?
  • Aggravation got away from me today. Looking back, I can see when my fear energy was triggered – and now I see why. I followed the breadcrumbs of the energy and healed that trigger and now I’m FREE of it!
  • I used my power to FLOw with today’s interruptions – I released the need to get aggravated and stressed – used my Chaos Flush and embraced gratitude! I… FLOwed! Woo hoo!
  • I enjoyed Guilt-Free resting today!  I’m so excited to have overcome feeling guilty when I nurture myself!
Section 4 – Infinite Spirit, in deepest gratitude, I thank you for

Gratitude Manifesting – or Scripting  Use this section to write about what you wish to manifest – how it felt, how it looked, how it changed your life – This or Something Better!  FEEL how excited you are at having received what you want.  When you write about this before you go to sleep, you powerfully anchor and set the manifesting wheels into motion.

EXAMPLES for writing a thank you letter to Infinite Spirit

Infinite Spirit, in deepest gratitude, I thank you for my happy, loving relationships! 

Section 5 – I don’t know how I will do this. I only know that I WILL.

Claim and anchor your manifesting energy!  This next session, is taken from a class called the One Command by Asara Lovejoy.  When you physically write: “I don’t know how, I only know that I will.” energy moves!  This supports releasing that human need to know “how.” AND… matter of factly claims that what you want IS happening, then anchors that energy with gratitude!  A second magical aspect of this is the revelation of energy blocks when you feel Resistance Energy when you write, I only know that I WILL.  If you’re subconsciously holding on to a belief that’s blocking you, you’ll feel it in your body.

You may also write this as if your manifestation is complete:  I didn’t know how I was going to do this, but I did it anyway!

Section 6 – My Worry Angel is employed!

The last section is a reminder to keep your Worry Angel employed!  No matter what kind of day you’ve had, human worry is like a windows operating system in the background of your life.  It will block you from moving forward and improving your life and it isn’t your job – so keep your Worry Angel employed.  (Go to the Meet your Worry Angel section to download your copy of the Meet Your Worry Angel program and meditation)

Then of course, before you go to sleep, sign this contract with the universe to infuse the vibration of gratitude, using your power, moving your manifesting energy forward and sealing the deal with the acceptance that you don’t know how, you just know that you will.

Give your worries to your Worry Angel and fall asleep worry free knowing the universe and your angelic team not only have your back, you’re working in tandem together to fulfill your square of life.

If you need help with your Daily Journal pages, we would love to welcome you to the Manifesting with Florence …the Inner Circle Membership!  Click here to learn more.

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Weekly Progress Gameboard

I love filling in this gameboard at the completion of each week and you will, too!  It’s an exciting way to review what you’ve accomplished – and no matter how awful a week may have been, there is always “Aha moments” and use of your power to celebrate.  It’s a way for you to see in front of you how your engagement with the membership is moving your life forward, supporting you to overcome challenges less painfully and improve your life.

Write in what week this gameboard is for, then check off if you improved your deep breathing skills and if you engaged in the FB community.

The better you get at breathing deeply each day, the better your clarity of thought is to decide what you want and hold the energy to manifest it –  plus… the better your body will feel.  As a result, your life will be easier and happier.

When you engage with the Facebook community each week, you share the wonderful energy that is you and you get access to tips and support to master manifesting the life that you love.

The next sections are really exciting!

When you think back about your week, to your biggest “Aha!” moment, insight to those moments begin rolling into your awareness.  Wisdom and guidance that you may not have seen before reveals itself and the revelation is an amazing experience.

When you write about those moments, more insight is revealed to you.  As you’re writing a sense of peace settles in your body – and that feels really good.  Your awareness begins to expand – and not just when you’re writing, but as your new, normal way of experiencing your life.

Then when you move to the next section and write about how you used your power this week… Oh my goodness, sometimes it feels like fireworks are going off in celebration!  The empowerment really sticks to your cells when you write about using your power.

If you feel like you didn’t use your power, this isn’t a judgment session.  No way!  This is a wake-up call to awareness!  You’ll get insight to how you can use your power right now by claiming and engaging the power within you moving forward.

Because the fact is… you can use your power Any-Time-You-Choose to.  I support you to consciously choose to use it and anchor that choice right here!

And just so you’re aware… even when you think you may not have used your power during the past week…  When you’re actively engaged with the membership calls and playbook pages, you DID use your power – just look closer – you’ll see how you used it – and write about it here!

The next section is a celebration of keeping your Worry Angel employed – because you know… there’s nothing sadder than an unemployed Worry Angel!

Then the last section is recognition that you asked for help – whether it was from fellow members or your angelic team. You’re not alone anymore, and one form of using your power is to ask for help!

Then proudly sign this document, creating the contract with yourself that will support you to remember to use your power to create those amazing “Aha” moments that support you to improve your life!

If you need help with your Weekly Progress Gameboard, we would love to welcome you to the Manifesting with Florence …the Inner Circle Membership!  Click here to learn more.

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Cleanse and Clear Fear Away from Your Safe Space

This meditation was created to feel safe when chaos surrounds.  This powerful guided journey creates your safe space where a magical waterfall clears away negativity and fear and replaces that energy with healing, love energy.  When you leave your “Safe Space” you will be rejuvenated and empowered with super powers of strength, stamina and a peaceful self-confidence.

Click here to download – 20:40 mins

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Receive and Understand Messages from Your Angels: recording of the LIVE webinar

In this exciting, experiential course you will learn how:

  • to distinguish between your mind chatter and the whispers of your angels
  • you receive your messages: seeing, hearing, knowing or in combination
  • to recognize the energy of your angels
  • fully supported you are on your life path
  • limitless you are to be, have and do anything you desire…

Click here to download the audio 1:40:36 mins
Click here to download the handout.

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Meet Your Worry Angel –  recording of LIVE program

Did you know you have a Worry Angel?  Is he employed or UNemployed?

I learned we each have a Worry Angel while providing an Angel Reading.  I share this story as well as insight into the details of worry energy in this recording of the LIVE program.  The Meet Your Worry Angel meditation is included in the program.

Time:  48:40 mins  Click here to download.

Meet Your Worry Angel –  meditation only

This meditation gently guides you to give your worries to your Worry Angel before falling into a magical, deep, healing sleep.

Time: 8:46 mins  Click here to download.

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Chaos Flush Energy Attunement

The Chaos Flush Attunement opens the way for you to immediately flush out less than loving energy, such as:

  • anger
  • anxiety
  • overwhelm
  • feelings of chaotic energy

I LOVE this energy attunement and use it often.  It is part of my Emergency Tool Kit when I get blindsided by some form of adversity!  The key is to remember to use it!

When you purchase the attunement, I’ll create the attunement for you, then email the Chaos Flush Attunement Manual (in its entirety).  The manual will give you directions on how to call it in and how to use it.

Note:  When you feel angry, anxious, overwhelmed and/or chaos energy assaulting you, don’t try to calm down first, activate the Chaos Flush energy system immediately to improve your energy.  The manual explains exactly how to activate the energy.

One day I was ruminating about an ugly experience with a relative while I was driving.  Just as I came to a red stoplight, I thought, “Good grief!  I’ve got to get this experience out of my head!”  Then I REMEMBERED – my Chaos Flush energy! 

Immediately I activated my Chaos Flush energy system – and in an instant — whoosh…  I felt the negative energy flushed down my body and out my toes!  The light turned green and I drove away without the negative energy!!  The flush works in seconds!!